The Importance of Our Movement

We have a lot to be Proud of -- let's not let Premier McNeil take that away from us.

Since forming government, Premier McNeil has broken a lot of promises.


Our province's healthcare system continues to get worse, with tens of thousands of Nova Scotians now without a family doctor.


Our economy is shrinking, as we deal with high unemployment and pay some of the highest taxes in the country. 


And now, McNeil plans to introduce a carbon tax that will rise the cost of electricity and home heating for every single Nova Scotian family.


That's why our movement is important.


Nova Scotians know we have a lot to be proud of. Our province has unlimited potential, and a clear pathway to prosperity. But to reach that potential, we need a provincial government that will work with us -- not against us.


It's time to send a message to our politicians that Nova Scotians deserve a voice -- not more political corruption and bad government.


Join our movement today.